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For samples dropped off before Tuesday at 2:00PM, results will be received by end of day Friday. Samples dropped of before 2PM Friday, results received by end of day Tuesday. Long weekends may affect report deliveries accordingly.




$70 Per Sample!

Flooring materials with extra layer of mastic or glue will be charged as extra sample

Confidential Reports


We will email PLM EPA 600/R-93/116<1% OH&S certified lab report.

Attached to report will be a request for payment, which is paid upon receiving of report.

Payment can be made using Debit Visa or Credit Card via Stripe Link.


Payment options


Extract Samples

Safely extract materials as described below in Common Suspect Materials & Required Testing Volumes.


Label Bags

Carefully number & place each sample in appropriate zip-lok bag then place all items into larger zip-lok bag to ensure materials are double bagged.


Create Sample Sheet

Use the example below as a template, being sure to include ALL information. Unreadable sheets may not be processed at lab technicians discretion.

Package information


Email Sample Sheet

To avoid processing delays you must send a clear copy of the sample sheet via email to ucoc@sampletesting.org


Place In Labelled Envelope

Place sample preparation sheet & samples into an addressed envelope. Include the last 4 digits of your phone number as our reference number written below your mailing info.


Proceed To Drop Off Location Or Mail In

After reading all information provided if necessary contact customer service team to answer any further questions.

Always Check Asbestos Section In EPA Safety Manual For Regulations And Safety Precautions Whenever Working With Materials That May Contain Asbestos.

Common Suspect Materials & Required Testing Volumes


Asbestos testing drywall locationsGroup A – About 1/16 to 1/4 teaspoon of material required for proper testing.

Group B – Not more then 1 square inch of material required for proper testing.

Group C – At least 1 cup of material required for proper testing.

Take precautions whenever disturbing any suspect building materials.

All samples to be double bagged and properly labelled with sample number.

No zip ties or knots as testing at lab technicians discretion.

Asbestos sample do not do