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Frequently Asked Questions


What common building materials may contain asbestos?

A-See any of the safety and history of asbestos 101 page here.


What is the price and how do I pay for testing?

A-The price is on city drop off location page, here.

Please note on flooring materials there is an extra sample charged if the mastic or glue is attached or if Lino is manufactured with multiple layers when viewed with our state of the art  lab analytical equipment. There will never be more than 2 layers charged (as samples) on any flooring products.

After testing completed we will immediately send you the accredited lab report.

The results will include the % of and of which type of asbestos was detected.

With this report  a Secure Stripe link to pay by Credit Card, or Visa Debit or a Interac Etransfer payment.


What info do I need to email in?

See our full instructions here.

Then proceed to our provided drop off Location!l

There is no other paperwork or any other signature required, just Drop & Go!!


Do I need an asbestos test kit?

A-No all that’s required is a small tool to scrape or gouge out samples as required and ziplock bags and a sharpie to number sample bags. See our fell list here.


How much material is required for testing?

A-See sample submission page here.


How do I package samples?

A-Double ziplock bag samples.

Number each sample bag with sharpie corresponding to your list.

Put paper in outside bag with the information requested and drop off at 24/7 after hours drop box at testing lab address which will be provided by email.

See our complete guide here.